STEFIGLASS Vertical Washing Machines


Washing machines available for a variety of applications.  Independent machines or integration in Insulating Glass production lines and special applications are also possible.

Working heights range from 800 mm – 3,200 mm.

Thickness range 3 mm up to 45 mm (optional with electric regulation).

4 or 6 Brushes options.

Inlet and output stations with automatic driven rolls (these sections can be extended on request).

Machine body with stainless steel base plate.

Stainless steel washing areas and water tanks.

Drive wheels gear driven and ball bearing mounted.

High pressure ventilator with filter and noise reduction system.

Variable working speeds.

Optional special brushes, ventilator stops and transport rolls for Low-E soft-coated glass.

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Triulzi - Horizontal Washing Machines

  • Working width from 660 to 3400 mm
  • Strong welded construction
  • Beams support rollers, collection tank and parts at contact with water are made of stainless steel, bolts and nuts, pipes, pump, filters included
  • Stainless steel tray removal for glass scrap recovery
  • Rubberized vulcanized and rectified conveyor rollers
  • Upper prewashing
  • Washing by 4 cylindrical brushes (2 + 2)
  • Drying by 4 blowers (2 + 2)
  • High pressure fan placed in a sound-proof acoustic enclosure
  • Sound pressure level within the standards
  • Inverter for conveyor rollers rotation drive with digital display for speed
  • Electrical equipment and control panel in accordance to current standards
  • Frame and drying section guards made of steel oven painted
  • Standard colour: light grey
  • Conformity to the normative Europeans and international
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Triulzi - Vertical Washing Machines


Washing and drying body entirely made of stainless steel. Independent machine or suitable for integration in insulating glass production line, vertical drill, arrising machine or with straight line edging machines. Motorized inlet conveyor with black panel and drive pedal. Base inlet rollers with stainless steel pin. Heavy construction of washing and drying body made entirely of stainless steel. Washing effected by cylindrical brushes sprayed uniformly with water by nozzles. Brushes are composed of big diameter segments, long lasting and easy to replace.

Each pair of brush is separated and supplied with water recovery tank complete with pump and filters. Tanks mounted on wheels. Drying by means of inclined blowers made of stainless steel fed by a high pressure fan. Automatic air knife shut off. The fan is placed into an insulated box, disassembled and composed of sound absorbing panels of big thickness.

Sound pressure level within the standards. Glass sheet forwarding in the drying area without touching the front of the plate. Motorized outlet conveyor with black panel and inspection lamps fitted with sensor to stop the glass. The transporting rollers are made of vulcanised and rectified rubber. The transporting rollers are mounted on pivot levers in order to suit automatically to the various thicknesses keeping the correct pressure on the glass sheet. Conveyor rollers are driven by pairs of worm gears.

The drive components for the rollers and brushes are situated outside and on the top of the machine for ease of maintenance. The inside supports for brushes and rollers are made of bronze or stainless steel; self lubricating bushes. Working speed electronically controlled with direct reading on digital display. Easy maintenance and access to the machine.

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