Advance Plus

Advance Plus, the true vertical alternative to horizontal working centres, an all in one solution housed in a compact footprint.

For the production of:

  • Doors, Shower-doors and enclosures
  • Staircases Balustrades and partitions
  • Furniture components
  • Laminated glass and components for automotive and home appliance industries


  • Drilling and Countersinking
  • Milling
  • Edge Grinding
  • Edge polishing with an adaptive hi-tec system
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An image of an advance plus glass cutting machine

With the Advance there is no need to set up the CNC bed, each piece may be different with zero set-up time.  It is able to turn glass coming from a cutting table into the finished product with no need for an operator and automatic processing to square and arris the glass sheet.  It can also be connected to a vertical washing machine to become a complete, versatile, productive and user-friendly solution.


Vertigo, a new era in quality glass processing!

Universal vertical working center CN

Vertigo is the only vertical working center performing all kinds of processing with an integrated approach:

√ Total control of processing time and costs;

√ Maximize downtime and material saving;

√ Enhanced operator comfort and safety;

√ It offers full scope for materials kind and sizes.

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10 operating heads + 1 corner trimming head..Option for variable angle edging and cerium oxide polishing.

Accurate workpiece positioning operated by intelligent vacuum cups, avoiding any surface damage also on coated glasses.

All square as well as rectangular glass sheets are automatically checked by sensors managed by the control unit ensuring human errorproof processing.

Vertigo can drill holes with twin counter-heads as well as with single boring-tapering unit.

A powerful electrospindle with automatic on-the-fly tools magazine performs all kinds of straight and shape processing on the glass surface and edge.

Both operating heads are equipped with an integrated rotary magazine allowing tools changeover within few seconds.

Polishing tools wear compensation throughout working cycles is automatically operated by the control unit ensuring unmatched edge brightness.

An advanced operator interface integrating all working steps  to offer easy and comprehensive machine control to a single operator.