topDRILL M-RX is a series of vertical CNC working centers for extremely fast, very flexible and very easy processing of flat glass. Available are different types and heights, delivered in modular length and in the working direction according to your demand. Maximum performance in a compact footprint as possible, the M-RX is therefore also suitable for medium and large enterprises and can be adapted to any production environment.

The unique and fully-integrated design of the software allows both working the operator directly on the machine as well as the connection with other devices or fully automated control via interface or via a central computer. An unmanned operation is possible and thanks to the bi-directional interface, industry 4.0 is more than a slogan in this regard!

topDRILL M-RX is available in two technically very similar variants with equal footprint:

Linear-8: an extremely stable linear tool change for 8 + 8 positions front and rear as uncomplicated standard solution

Roto-10: an extremely fast tool change with pre-selection during processing with 10 + 10 positions on a turret head both front and rear:

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