Loading & Smart Storage

Fully Automated Glass Cutting Lines – By Turomas

  • Complete storage,loading and cutting line solutions designed to meet your requirements.
  • Single, double sided and multi station loading systems available.
  • Full gantry systems available for jumbo and 3 x 2 metre sheets.

LT - Smart Storage

LT systems work with a series of fixed racks parallel to both sides of the loader.

Although they usually have a standard storage capacity, they can be custom made with a base of up to 650mm to suit limited spaces.


LT-03 & LT-06

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LA - Smart Storage

Fixed racks are a simple and effective system for the storage of large quantities of glass per position.

They can be supplied adapted to the storage or production needs of each factory and depending on the characteristics of the LA automatic loader.


LA-03 & LA-06

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LR/SR - Smart Storage

The intelligent LR/SR storage systems have been equipped with a powerful and innovative traction system that provides agile, smooth and continuous movement of the racks to and from the shuttle.

Thanks to this system, a fully loaded rack can be moved without stops between two different positions, significantly reducing cycle time.

In addition, the continuous traction system design has been conceived to have a precise rack positioning and movement control at each step of the cycle, thereby minimising the possibility of machine positioning errors and significantly increasing safety, reliability and life of the equipment.


LR-03, LR-06 & LR-07

SR-03, SR-06 & SR-07

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